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Ediage Valerie Ekwedde

Help requested for gay Cameroonian man, detained in Colnbrook IRC near Heathrow, who has removal directions to Cameroon on May 5th Please can you help campaign against the removal of Ediage Valerie Ekwedde – Home Office reference E1097317 Valerie is a gay man who has been in no doubt about his sexual orientation since the […]

Update – August 2012

After the granting of an injunction by a judge who, quite rightly, did not feel he could decide whether or not Valery would be in danger as a result of his campaign spreading on the internet, Valery was hoping to get bail and leave detention while he awaits the outcome of his judicial Review application. His bail has been turned down twice so he is feeling rather despondent. He is hoping to make another attempt soon with different bail sureties.

Meanwhile the situation for the LGBT community in Cameroon grows worse. Last week an anti gay demonstration was organised by a bishop of the Roman Catholic church. Although it only attracted a handful of people, the predominant message for members of this minority is that they must at all costs hide their sexual orientation. Radio France International has some video clips.

Not good news for LGBT people in Cameroon

Valery had a bail hearing earlier this week. His last attempt was foiled by the Home Office when they said thought that they would soon be in a position to make another removal attempt. But last week a judge decided that he could not come to a conclusion about the degree of danger Valery might face on return, particularly as the result of the campaign against his removal – so his case is still going ahead and he is safe for the time being.

This article is a reminder of the situation currently facing openly LBGT people in Cameroon.

Ediage Valerie Ekwedde urgent update

Valery has removal directions on a Virgin Atlantic Airways flight VS657 leaving Heathrow at 22.45. One quick action would be to state your concern on Virgin Atlantic facebook page. Updated letters for Home Secretary and Virgin are on the ncadc website. thank you to anyone who takes action. Phone number for the airline is 0844 8110000 and e mail

Update 6/5/12

Valerie was not removed yesterday when the pilot of the Air France flight from London Heathrow refused to take him ‘out of consideration for other passengers’.

Although this has obviously been a very stressful experience for Valerie, this does mean his legal team will now have time to work with him. Please keep up the public camapign.

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